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Teflon’s Debut LP, My Will, Is Available Now via DSPs for the First Time!

Teflon’s Debut LP

As a member of M.O.P.’s First Family, Teflon first made his bones in the late ’90s New York rap scene where he was first heard on M.O.P’s sophomore offering, Firing Squad. The following year, Teflon would go onto release his debut album, My Will. Standing at ten tracks, the album allowed for fans to further discover the artistic range of the gruff-voiced lyricist hailing from Brownsville.

Surprisingly, the record offered a contrasting style from the hardcore sound listeners have come to from M.O.P. Nonetheless, the Brooklyn native provides plenty of roughneck, braggadocia flavor and surprisingly meaningful rhymes. But it’s perhaps most notably the strength of his delivery that allows Teflon to carry My Will from start to finish.

In “Sh*t Happens,” an incarcerated Teflon calls to check in with his girl over woeful strings coupled with a moody bassline. Never out of our sight are M.O.P.’s Lil Fame and Billy Danze, who spew their aggressive rhymes on a few tracks—most notably, the crunching “Rawness”—while adding their menacing voices to a number of the choruses, and supply the most punishing beats on the album (“My Planet,” “Ni@@a What”).

My Will is a promising first effort that preceded the Brooklyn rapper’s buzz, which would reach its pinnacle in 2000 for his appearance on M.O.P’s “Ante Up (Remix)” alongside Busta Rhymes and then fledgling star, Remy Ma. This cameo led to a deal with Def Jam Recordings that was brokered by Teflon’s long time friend, DJ Premier. After a turbulent transition within the company, Teflon’s Def Jam debut failed to see the light of day, and the Brooklyn rapper took a much needed hiatus from the industry.

Originally released on June 3rd, 1997, the ten track LP is available now through all major DSPs and Bandcamp, just in time for the album’s 26th anniversary. And the timing couldn’t be more ideal, as Teflon gears up for the June 30th release of his long-awaited sophomore LP, 2 Sides To Every Story, which is produced by Preemo, along with the incredibly talented Jazimoto.


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