New Single from Homeboy Sandman “Off the Rip”

New Single from Homeboy Sandman "Off the Rip"

Homeboy Sandman drops a dope new single called Off the Rip. Homeboy delivers his classic “conversation flow” (thats my own definition of his style) over a dope beat, with a jazz sample that reminds me on 1970s sitcome theme music. 


I just heard my hero say some nonsense
That’s alright I’ll be my own hero
I’m thankful for all that he has given me, save all the negativity for numbers that’s below zero
People get mad
‘Cause i don’t yes sir yes ma’am
I’m not the yes man
Behind the post and the blog
I’m just trying to do whatever bring me closer to God
Me and Jesus would be peas in a pod
Life is so exciting
I wake up writing first thing in the morn
Finding comfort outside of the norm is where knowledge is born
No more clutching in my palm in front of porn
I thought that it was not a problem
It was the calm before the storm
Storm’s over
Sun’s shining
And isn’t showing any signs of subsiding
Duckin interference toward the swapping out the fear and infighting
For cheer and good tiding

Off top
Off the rip

All new skin
Modern living with whole new spin
Give it a whirl
There’s better vantages on top of the world,
One of the countless advantages of loving my girl
Energy is real
There’s what I see and what I feel
When what I see has more appeal then that is fear
They split a globe up into different hemispheres
Most of y’all don’t even think that that is weird
Take a break from those test tubes
Start a wildlife refuge
Leave well enough alone
Before you need to get rescued
Two sneezes, two bless yous
After that you’re on your own
Thanks for choosing to press play
Sit back and relax like God on his rest day
But know that doing dishes by hand is the best way

Off top
Off the rip

I am not gonna lie
I’m sad when people are scared but not when they die
We could get cooking if you’re looking alive
But first you have to have a certain look in your eye
But if you’re all about a piece of the pie
Then I’ma have to tell you goodbye
Which brother married to the game divorced next?
All of my money’s from rewards for lost pets
Don’t get discouraged that the planet’s gone berserk
That’s just how advertising works
You can sleep when you’re tired to honor God
Or bend over backwards to keep a job
Maybe save up to buy a Saab
We’ll agree that it’s a sob story
Fly cuts, no touring
No guts no glory
You rep the donkey or the elephant
It’s irrelevant

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