Bay Area crew MacArthur Maze’s new video for “Panther Bruce Lee” is a dope throwback to classic hip-hop videos seen through the lens of a gifted filmmaker and some of modern hip-hop’s most talented voices.

The video was both shot and edited by NOBL, a member of Mac Maze who further proves the point that this is one of the best squads doing it right now. He utilizes a mixture of straight-ahead performance visuals with clever editing techniques to capture the raw energy and creative spirit of “Panther Bruce Lee.”

Speaking of that energy and spirit, we’re getting plenty of that thanks to DJ D Sharp’s looping, funky production and the left-right-uppercut verses from Champ GreenD. Bledsoe, and Ian Kelly. If you’re somehow sleeping on Mac Maze at this point, let this be your damn wakeup call.

Check out the visuals and head over to your preferred digital retailer or streaming platform to support Mac Maze’s debut LP, Blvck Saturday, out now via Table5 Music Group.

“They honor those in Northern California who paved the way while also carving out their own niche in the scene.” -UGHHBLOG

“What a debut MacArthur Maze have given us! There’s something in this collection for lovers of the old school and the new school.” -York Calling

“MacArthur Maze is ready to pay homage to their roots while forging their own unique path in the music scene.” -Plastic Magazine

“Blvck Saturday is a riveting showcase from MacArthur Maze, combining the standout talents of Jane Handcock, Roux Shankle, Champ Green, Blvck Achilles, Ian Kelly, and D. Bledsoe.” Obscure Sound

“The crew brings to the fore the essence of community building, love and insightful themes that help expose their distinct talents to the world and beyond.” -Earmilk

“For those who are not in the know with MacArthur Maze, they are a dynamic and excellent independent hip-hop group that draws from amazing elements of the San Francisco Bay Area.” -Conversations About Her



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