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M.Fusion Blends The Illest Records For The Ultimate Party Mix

M.Fusion, true to his name, shows his gift for blending together the illest records with M.Fusion Tape Vol. 1. The result is the kind of mix you can take to a party, pop in the auto-reverse tape deck, and dance the night away.

From Biz Markie, to Project Blowed, to Joe Johnson, and everything in between, his choices span a wide gamut of excellent music choices that’ll keep listeners happily on their toes, while compelled to keep dancing.


Background: Following a history of crossing jungle & drum and bass as ‘DJ Fusion’, M.Fusion has worked with a slew of Los Angeles underground hip-hop talent, starting with “The Dead Air Project” with Die of The Shapeshifters and continuing with solo releases including “Expo ‘70” and “This Solution” on his imprint Nice Records.

“M.Fusion Tape Vol. 1” is available now, and you can listen to it at


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