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King Nova- Beauty of a Nightmare (Album)

King Nova drops his 4th LP Beauty of a nightmare a project which takes his listeners on a much deeper dive into who he is as a person. From his deep desire to make it to dreamville to his struugles with getting a grip on reality. The project features two other artist Wavyy Jones & Mona Luna who most definitely added another level of greatness to this project. Tune in and see what all the talk is about. You know the slogan as usual it’s Legendary nothin less!

1. The Cliff
2. Broken Mirrors
3. Chained (feat. Wavyy Jonez)
4. Open the door
5. Soulless (feat. Mona Luna)
6. Session 666
7. Summer Never Came
8. Fill up 87
9. Got Me Through
10. One Train Tommy

King Nova- Beauty of a Nightmare (Album)…mFSeGOEk3x-mZBdw

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