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Joey Majors Feat. Raekwon & Kross “I Thanks The Lord” (Prod. By: Scram Jones)

“I Thank the Lord,” the lead single off of Joey Magors  project featuring Raekwon the Chef and Cross. Album features Jim Jones, Raekwon, Capone (of CNN), Musiq SoulChild, Scram Jones, The HeatMakerz & More…

Album Tracklist:
1. Joey Majors feat. J’Rell- I’m All In (Prod. By: J’Rell)
2. Joey Majors, Raekwon, Scram Jones feat. Kross- I Thanks The Lord (Prod. By: Scram Jones)
3. Joey Majors, Musiq SoulChild- Celebration (Prod. By: J’Rell)
4. Joey Majors, Capone feat. J’Rell- Hollywood (Prod. By: Merc Beatz)
5. Joey Majors- Vegas Joey (Prod. By: Merc Beatz)
6. Joey Majors, Jim Jones, The HeatMakerz feat. J’Rell- Going up (Prod. By: The HeatMakerz)
7. Joey Majors feat. Bolo, Merc Beatz & J’Rell – That Feeling (Prod. By: Merc Beatz)
8. Joey Majors feat. J’Rell- All Be Yours (Prod. By: JXSamurai)
9. Joey Majors, The HeatMakerz feat. Tiki- Lock and Key (Prod. By: The HeatMakerz)
10. Joey Majors, The HeatMakerz feat. Merc Beatz- Air I Breath (Prod. By: The HeatMakerz)
11. Joey Majors feat. J’Rell- A Different World (Prod. By: Mark Byrd)
12. Joey Majors feat. J’Rell- My Way (Outro) (Prod. By: J’Rell)
13. Bonus: Joey Majors- Bonnie & Clyde (Prod. By: Merc Beatz)



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