Homeboy Sandman (All Vinyl DJ Set) | Elm City Sounds x MSYH.FM [VIDEO]

You may walk into Elm City Sounds, a staple record shop in New Haven, CT, and find Pete Rock casually browsing the crates and back room. Alternatively, you might have stopped by on Saturday, April 15th, 2023 when Elm City Sounds and MSYH.FM teamed up to host a unique Meet & Greet event for Dirty Looks founder, Homeboy Sandman’s return to the “City of Elms.” Watch his first-ever, one-hour, live, and all-vinyl DJ set, featuring unexpected turns with music from Nat 1, Phil Collins, Dooley-O, Masta Ace Incorporated, ODB, Stevie Wonder, Sir Menelik, and more.

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