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Dillon – “Comin’ Out Swingin'” (Official Video)Featuring Elzhi • Produced by Diamond D

Dillon & Diamond D pay homage to the classic video game Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! in their equally dope and hilarious new video for “Comin’ Out Swingin’,” featuring eLZhi.

While the track itself already featured some Punch Out!! sound effects, the visuals truly bring it all to life thanks to some key players. Tommy Nova filmed and choreographed the fight scenes, William Feagins Jr. edited everything together including the graphics and copy, Atlanta legend Nuface provided his take on Mario (the ref), and DJ Kerosene played the role of Dillon’s first opponent.

It was already dope until this point, but “Comin’ Out Swingin’” levels up when Elzhi makes his appearance as the boss/Mike Tyson stand-in. “Shout out to Elzhi for hopping off a plane and taking a risk on a wild concept video and rocking the fake muscle skin T-shirt,” Dillon said, adding that he also has to give major props to his coach/producer, Diamond D. They even recreate the famous jogging scene—pink sweatsuit and all!

“Diamond D, who’s most recent project, ‘The Rear View’, dropped last August, said he was happy to capitalize on their chemistry for this project.” -Rock The Bells

“There’s nothing better than finding some ‘Uncut Gems.'” -Stereofox

“‘Uncut Gems’ ingeniously blends elements of classic hip-hop with contemporary sounds, delivering a diverse musical experience that appeals ot a wide range of listeners.” -Rock The Pigeon

“Its appeal lies in Dillon’s commanding delivery, and Diamond D’s penchant for crafting beats that hit as hard as the verses that ride them.” -B-Side Guys

“Dillon and the legendary Diamond D are continuing their run of collaborations with a new album…” -Grown Up Rap

Dillon: Instagram • Twitter • Spotify

Diamond D: Instagram • Twitter • Spotify



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