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Bay Area’s MacArthur Maze Show and Prove on Their Visuals for ”Blvck Saturdays” | Debut LP Drops Next Friday, July 28th!

MacArthur Maze deliver a head trip of a new video with “Blvck Saturdays,” an equally cinematic and psychedelic experience from the buzzing Bay Area crew.

The video is shot by Adam KG and Blinktöne, two clearly talented filmmakers who worked with three members of the expansive squad to pull this together. They’re able to capture the smoked-out, hazy vibes of the verses along with D Sharp’s loopy (but dope) production.

You’ll be running this one back again and again to fully digest the rhymes of MacArthur Maze’s Champ GreenD. Bledsoe, and Black Achilles, who represent just a small part of the overall team.

Check out the visuals and head over to your preferred DSP to pre-order MacArthur maze’s debut project, Blvck Saturday, due out July 28th via Table 5 Music Group.


01. Intro

02. First Friday

03. Panther Bruce Lee

04. San Pablo Dam

05. Miss Mula

06. Blvck Saturdays

07. No More

08. Table For 5

09. Switching Lanes

10. Dealin Art

11. Thank You Have A Nice Day

“For those who are not in the know with MacArthur Maze, they are a dynamic and excellent independent hip-hop group that draws from amazing elements of the San Francisco Bay Area.” -Conversations About Her

“The coalesced sound slips easily into you brain and flows down to your heart.” -American Pancake

“It all adds up to the sort of hip-hop we all grew up loving, full of both style and substance.” -We All Want Someone To Shout For

“The crew brings to the fore the essence of community building, love and insightful themes that help expose their distinct talents to the world and beyond.” -Earmilk



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