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Welcome to the Boom Bap Disciples community!

We have been fans, and participants of the hip hop culture for 40 years here at Boom Bap Disciples. As a past hip hop college radio DJ for some years I miss breaking new hiphop music from independent artist, or major recording artist that was under the radar, we are trying to become a resource for new artist. All of us here at Boom Bap Disciples are beatmakers, and making this platform a place to showcase dope beatmakers  is important to us also. Yeah, so in a nutshell, dope new hip hop music by hip hop artist, and dope beats by hip hop beatmakers.

Hope you enjoy the site, and thank you for taking time to stop by.❤️

-227 Digitalmasterz


DISCLAIMER: Not all music we post will be “Boom Bap”, but all will be hip hop. .. We like Neo Soul too, so some Neo Soul too.

What is boom bap hip hop?

Boom bap is a subgenre and music production style that was prominent in the East Coast during the golden age of hip hop from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. The term “boom bap” is an onomatopoeia that represents the sounds used for the bass drum and snare drum, respectively.

Our website is dedicated to the new and golden era of hip hop and boom bap artist and beat makers.


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Thank you for taking the time to visit us!

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